Reagan Tan


Founder/ Rehabilitation Specialist/ Coach

Reagan is the founder of Third Space Health and our Rehabilitation Guru. He is an expert in movement patterns and one of the first Neurokinetic Therapists in Australia. His unique approach will stop you from chasing symptoms and start finding the cause of your pain.

Reagan looks at strength as the best rehab and injury prevention tool and has helped elite sports people as well as every day athletes move from injury back to full fitness. He believes strength goes far beyond just lifting heavy weights although he loves to do that to.

He doesn’t look at training as fitness but as preparation to be good at life – enjoying everything that life can possibly throw at you- from a surf at the beach, that move in dirty dancing, to simply being able to move well and without pain.


• Bachelor of Exercise Science (Human Movement)
• Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)
• Neurokinetic Therapy
• Australian Olympic Weightlifting Level 1
• Certificate IV in Fitness
• ASCA level 1 Strength Coach
• Crossfit Certified Coach