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Breaking Boundries

Can you BREAK through your own BOUNDARIES? This strength program is designed to make you fitter, faster & stronger through a weights-based class that anyone can do. This class is designed to help people of all shapes and sizes achieve their personal best and will help improve balance, agility and most of all everyday strength to help you live better.

The Heat

Can you take THE HEAT? The Heat classes combine strength-based training with intense cardio for an all-round metabolic conditioning program to get you trim and toned.

Move It

MOVE IT or loose it! This functional movement class combines intense core work, balance and cardiovascular conditioning, to get you abs of steel and help your body move freely and gracefully with strength.

Weights and Steaks

Our version of Friday night drinks – that you won’t regret on Saturday morning. Get your weekend off to a healthy start with a fun and inclusive weights program run by our trainers, followed by a delicious BBQ prepared by our friends at Field to Fork, Bondi. $5 for a steak and salad- please let us know by 2pm so we can put in your order.

Red Faces

Our community Strongman Competition held every few months is a family friendly affair for kids as well as adults. Come down and push, pull, carry and lift your way to the inevitable RED FACE!