Bondi Beach Fitness and Health Services


It’s time to see what your body can do.
Start somewhere and set a goal.
Don’t stop until you achieve it.
Then see what else you can achieve.
You are bound only by the limits you create.

Setting you up for a lifetime of fitness and health

Looking for fun dynamic Small Group Classes? When you join the Academy of Motion we help you look, move, feel and live better. Our classes are designed to challenge all levels of fitness in a supportive community where we enable you to find your STRENGTH. You will have other Third Space Athletes PUSH you further than you thought you could push yourself, MOTIVATE you when you have doubts, and CONGRATULATE you when you have succeeded.

How about Personal Training? At Third Space Health whether your goal is to lose weight, get strong, or get out of pain, our expert trainers have the knowledge, the system and the support to get you to where you want to be. Our experienced and knowledgeable Exercise Scientists help you reshape not just your body but your lifestyle, helping you live healthier and happier. Let Third Space Health help you to challenge your limits and get you results fast!

Does pain or discomfort limit your training or even your daily life? Look to our On-Site Clinic. We have an amazing range of services including Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Massage to help you move with confidence and strength.We’ve assisted people recover from injury and return to their sport stronger and more ready than ever before. We teach you healthy exercise and movement habits to help guard against future injury, ensuring that you’re always working out the safe way.

Find out how rewarding life could be

Third Space Health offers a unique experience for people looking to make the most of their health and fitness. Contact us today to learn more about the wide range of services offered by our studio. Send us a message through our contact form, or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.