The Academy of Motion
When you join the Academy of Motion our Team help you look, move, feel and live better. Our group training classes are designed to challenge all levels of fitness in a supportive community where we enable you to find your STRENGTH. Strength of Mind, Strength of Body, Strength of Heart.


Here is what will happen once you decide to join our Academy of Motion

  • 1 on 1 Consultation

Your journey begins with a 1 on 1 consultation with one of our expert personal trainers. We will find out your goals, physical history- past exercise experience and injuries, diet and everything else that’s important to get you ready for your success with our program. The we will put you through the Function Movement Screen (FMS), a series of seven movement screens to provide us with your movement profile.

  • Individualized Program

After your 1 on 1 consultation, we will create an individualised program for you based on your goals, current abilities, diet and movement profile. This program will detail a training and nutrition guide that will tell you exactly what to do and map out your journey and help you to succeed in and out of Third Space Health.

  • Fun & Safe = Proper Programming and Correct Exercise Technique

There are no more than 9 Third Space Athletes in each group fitness class meaning that you will get the attention you need in our fun, safe, and supportive classes. Our trainers will motivate you throughout the session designed to challenge all levels of athletes. You can expect our trainers to motivate, challenge and teach you while safely coaching you through a range of body weight, kettle-bell and free weight techniques.

  • Seeing Results After a Few Group Training Sessions!

Your team and support aren’t only the trainers at Third Space Health. You will have other Third Space Athletes PUSH you further than you thought you could push yourself, MOTIVATE you when you have doubts, and CONGRATULATE you when you have succeeded. You are stronger as one- exceed your goals together.

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